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First-Time Managers

Learn how to Build a great Team Culture

Agile learning development program for first time managers and team leaders:
- Nurture a Curiosity Attitude
- Foster Psychological Safety
- Show Recognition to Your Team Members
- Empower People
- Generate Energy and Motivate
- Promote working and learning out loud


Agile Fundamentals: Unlock the Power of Agility

Being adaptable and innovative is essential for success. Enable your teams to navigate through uncertainty, foster collaboration, and drive growth. To understand what agility truly means and how it can revolutionize your work processes, join for a purposeful workshop.


Agile Learning Development

- Partnering with the business to align the strategy with people development
- Design creative and interactive learning solutions using eduScrum and agile learning
- Use mix of tools and methods to facilitate learning
- Implementation of end-to-end L&D programs

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Learn how to Building a Great Team Culture

We’ve been training and coaching hundreds of managers, we understand their challenges, and we know what competencies they need to succeed. From all these, we realized that without a healthy, supportive, learning culture you cannot have a performing team.

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We are passionate L&D professionals with a solid background in learning
(10+ y), training and coaching delivery, learning design, and e-Learning.

We create partnerships with the finest businesses to support their growth through management development.

Our missions are to innovate and bring value to the learning process, and to create a community of servant, agile, future skills-aligned Managers.

Training Days
Managerial coaching sessions
Employees for L&D programs

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A manager is more than a person responsible for controlling, compliance, or just implementing decisions without personal input.

So we had decided to bring all the passion and expertise for people development, mix it with our managerial experience, and offer agile learning programs to best support professionals growth.


Because we believe that any manager, with the right context and tools, can evolve and become an inspiration to others.

Moreover, it’s our duty to learn and develop not for ourselves, but for the benefit of people around us.

Projects we are proud of

No matter if we are designing a learning session, creating learning and development programs, or provide management coaching & training. One thing is for sure – we bring agile principles to learning

Learning Design

  • Team Culture
  • Agile Mindset
  • Critical Thinking
  • Agile Fundamentals

L&D projects

  • Induction path for managers
  • Learning journey for managers
  • Evaluation grid for management competences
  • L&D programs for 1000+ employees

Management Development

  • First Time Manager
  • Management Abilities Development
  • Change Management
  • Presentation Skills

You can evolve and become an inspiration

Let’s embark together on your learning and development journey.

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