We use cookies to enhance the experience on the website. A cookie is a small data file stored by websites in order to make use of a web page faster. This is done through the web, through the saved data file, can recognize your computer when you visit the site next time. A cookie is not harmful to your computer.

What is a Cookie?
A cookie is a file that identifies your browser. Cookie file contains no contact information such as name, address, etc. Cookies are saved in the device you use to access the site (eg computer, mobile, tablet), for a website to recognize your device the next time you visit the site. Every time you visit a website where you once had a cookie, your browser sends to it automatically. Cookie allows your device is recognized. This way you save time while browsing.

How are cookies used?
Uppy! may use several different cookies such as Session cookies, collecting cookies, functionality cookies and flash cookies. This means that uppyflyer.com uses cookies to collect information, such as unique Computer ID, from the user’s computer (collection cookies) but also those cookies that are necessary to get the service to work (function cookies and flash cookies). Some cookies (session cookies) will be deleted if you have been inactive for a certain period of time.

Cookies are used for sending the right information to the right users, managing permissions and send the right user at the right server. We also use cookies for traffic, which is valuable to us as we will further develop our services.

You can choose not to use cookies by switching off the cookie-function in your browser. Note that some features may not work properly if you do not allow the use of cookies.