No more excuses or poor upskilling results.

Working as in-house learning consultants, we know how difficult it is to manage the learning process in a dynamic, fast-changing organization.

👉🏻 What is decided now tomorrow will change.

👉🏻 We blame managers they don’t lead their teams as they should, but we don’t give them the tools, knowledge and the coaching they need to succeed.

👉🏻 We forget to give sense to all the changes, to ensure a transparent communication top-down and to finally ask “How can I best contribute to your success?”

We've got you covered.

Training program for managers

Program for managers built using agile learning framework.

The modules:

o Team culture
o Eco-centric mindset
o Daily tasks & Essential skills
o Communication & Assertiveness
o Hiring & Profiling

Learning design

o Learning experience design using agile learning: adapt agile principles and Scrum framework for faster results, flexibility, transfer of the ownership of the learning process to the employees
o Create learning experiences
o Learning needs analysis
o Partner with stakeholders and SME
o Personalized training sessions, workshops, seminars

Learning and Development Consultancy

o  Implementation of L&D programs for companies
o Advisory & counselling for employees development
o Customizing programs according to the development methodology and business objective
o Diagnose-design-execute-monitor-evaluate L&D programs to help achieve organization’s objectives and KPI’s

Training delivery

o Virtual and offline courses
o Interactive and practical style
o Assessments and quizzes
o Follow up sessions

Management coaching

o Personalized 1-1 coaching with NLP
o Mixed with mentoring, advices, tips & tricks
o Clear management competency map as a reference model

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