About Us

But more importantly 👉🏻 Why us?

10+ years of experience

We are passionate L&D professionals with solid background in learning (10+ years), training and coaching delivery, instructional design, and eLearning.

We create partnerships with the finest businesses to support their growth through management development.

Innovate and serve

We have two missions:

To innovate and bring value to the learning process. 

To create a community of servant, agile, future skills aligned managers.

The future is here, so are we

We put all the passion and expertise for people development, mix it with our managerial experience, to offer agile learning programs to best support professionals growth.

We train managers who want to be aligned with future skills, they really care about their team, and understand their priority – people development.

We offer L&D Consultancy + Learning Design + Management Development.

Why us?

We are those who truly believe that a manager is more than a person responsible for controlling, compliance, or just implementing decisions without personal input.

We believe that each person, with the right context and tools, can evolve and become an inspiration to others.

Moreover, it’s our duty to learn and develop not for ourselves, but for the benefit of people around us.

Therefore we combined our expertise in management, learning, and development with Agile principles and Scum, thus yielding a new way of learning.

Agile Learning is a learning framework meant to increase the level of knowledge and skills acquired after the training.

More than this, the participants take ownership on their own development and learn to work agile, inspect and adapt all along the way.

No more excuses or poor upskilling results.

Bright minds need to stay together. Join our Agile Learning community.

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We Can Help You In Different Situations

We had trained whoever wanted to grow their professional capabilities from:

Support functions, recruiting, sourcing, HR, payroll, IT, accountancy, audit, controlling, office managers, team leaders, top & middle managers.

Your project is our mission.

We are committed to give you our best.

Alisa Popa

Founder and L&D consultant